Sindri Lederer violin
Andrea Burger viola
Philip Graham cello
Antonia Köster piano

"The Notos Quartet is a fantastic ensemble!"
Zubin Mehta

"Phenomenal, this is true musicianship."
Lynn Harrell

After awarding the 1. Prize of the Schoenfeld Competition to the Notos Quartet:
"I've been performing on stage for more than 50 years now - for me, music in its essence is communication. I don't want to diminish the winners of the solo violin and cello divisions, but in my opinion the Notos Quartet mastered this most perfectly, not just communicating in the group but also to the public - as such they are actually the winners of the whole competition."
Shlomo Mintz

"The finest chamber music performance I have heard anywhere“
Classical Voice North America, Robert Markow

From their performances, critics have acclaimed the ensemble‘s „virtuosic brilliance and technical perfection“ which is characterized by „passion and great sensitivity,“ as well as their „mature interpretive powers and an admirable beauty of sound. Thanks to this they look ahead to a bright future, having already found their very own style - a style that is never an end in itself, but rather shows the respect of each work and its creator as a sincere and audible concern.“ With their playing, the young musicians of the Notos Quartet have thrilled both music critics and their audiences in recent years.

Winning the „Parkhouse Award“ 2011 in London, the First Prize at the „Charles-Hennen-Concours“ 2011 in Holland, the First Prize at the „Premio Vittorio Gui“ 2013 in Florence, the Second Prize, the Special Prize for the Best Brahms Interpretation as well as the Audience Prize at the „Città di Pinerolo“ 2013 in Torino, the Second Prize at the „Osaka International Chamber Music Competition“ 2014 in Japan, the First Prize at the “OnStage Competition” 2016, the First Prize at the “Schoenfeld International String Competition” 2016 and the First Prize at the "International Chamber Music Competition Almere" 2016 in the Netherlands highlights the success the ensemble can list onstage at home and abroad.

It comes as no surprise that their concert calendar is full after inspiring performances at London‘s Wigmore Hall, the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, at the festivals of Schwetzingen, Rheingau, Würzburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Usedom, and furthermore a concert tour through the major cities of Southeast Asia by the invitation of the Goethe Institute.

Since their inception in 2007, the Berlin based Notos Quartet has received valuable guidance by the members of the Mandelring Quartet, the Alban Berg Quartet, the Guarneri Quartet, and the Beaux Arts Trio. Supported by a scholarship of Fundación Albéniz and Santander Consumer Bank AG the Notos Quartet feels honored to work together with Günter Pichler, first violinist of the legendary Alban Berg Quartet, being the first piano ensemble ever that is accepted in the degree programme for professional string quartets at the Instituto Internacional de Música de Cámara de Madrid.

In 2014/2015 the Notos Quartet was holding the Waverley Chamber Music Fellowship at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester and since October 2015 the ensemble is the Artistic Director of the NOTOS CHAMBER MUSIC ACADEMY.

19. May 2017

CD review in The Strad
"The Bartók is an eye-opener, not only in its remarkable assuredness, but also in the full-blooded élan that announces the composer, prior to his folk-music experiments, as a card-carrying Romantic."
Edward Bhesania enthusiastically reviews the Notos Quartet's new CD in The Strad.
Look it up here!

17. May 2017

Prize winner at the largest chamber music competition in the US
As best piano chamber music ensemble the Notos Quartet was awarded the Silver medal at the 44. Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition in the US.
Fischoff Competition

10. April 2017

Supersonic Award for "Hungarian Treasures"
For their first CD, the Berlin based Notos Quartet plays Hungarian Treasures and fully uses the chance to present themselves and this wonderful music in absolutely compellingly colourful and fresh performances.
Pizzicato Magazine awarded the Notos Quartet’s Debut Album with it’s prestigious Supersonic Award.
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8. April 2017

Highest rating for „Hungarian Treasures“ from the Rondo Magazine
There is no doubt that a fulfilled artistic future lies ahead of this excellent ensemble.
The Rondo Magazine reviewed the Notos Quartet’s Debut Album and awarded it with the highest possible rating.
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30. March 2017

Portrait on rbb’s programme „Talente und Karrieren“
On the 30th of March the Notos Quartet will be presented on "Talente und Karrieren“ (Talents and Careers), a programme of Berlin's classical radio station "rbb Kulturradio".
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26. March 2017

SPIEGEL ONLINE reviews „Hungarian Treasures“
SPIEGEL ONLINE enthusiastically reports on the Notos Quartet’s Debut CD calling it „an impressive artistic visiting-card“.
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23. March 2017

Today's CD-tip on radio klassik Stephansdom
Austrian radio station „radio klassik Stephansdom“ chose „Hungarian Treasures“ to be today’s CD recommendation. Amongst other programmes „Allegro Magazin am Nachmittag“ will be presenting it.
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…now also CD of the week on radio klassik Stephansdom!
After being named „CD recommendation of the day“ on the 23rd of March, "Hungarian Treasures" was now announced CD of the week on radio klassik Stephansdom.
Listen here!

13. March 2017

Interview on SR2-Kulturradio
The programme „SR2 - MusikWelt“ featured the Notos Quartet speaking with Gabi Szarvas about life in a piano quartet and its new album „Hungarian Treasures“.
Listen here!

7. March 2017

Interview on RBB’s "Kulturradio am Nachmittag"
On the 7th of March the Notos Quartet was featured as the guest on RBB’s Kulturradio am Nachmittag and spoke with Shelly Kupferberg about its new album „Hungarian Treasures“.
Listen here!

4. March 2017

BBC Radio 3 recommends "Hungarian Treasures"
"Bartók's piano quartet is a fascinating rediscovery, especially after listening to the Notos Quartet playing Dohnányi and Kodály. That Bartók premiere has made sure it will be noticed!"
The BBC presents the Notos Quartets new album in its programme Record Review.
Listen here!

1. March 2017

CD of the month on BR Klassik U21
The BR and its programme U21 chose „Hungarian Treasures“ to be CD of the month March!
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25. February 2017

MDR Klassik CD tip
MDR Klassik presents the Album „Hungarian Treasures“ as its CD recommendation.
Listen here!

24. February 2017

Further CD tip by the WDR
The WDR recommends the Notos Quartet’s new Album „Hungarian Treasures“ and presents the Quartet with an interview on its programme TonArt.
Listen to the CD tip here!
Listen to the Interview on WDR 3 TonArt here!

22. February 2017

CD recommendation on BR-Klassik
…a convincing and gripping homage to Hungarian chamber music of the late 19th century. More please!
BR-Klassik recommends the Notos Quartet’s new album "Hungarian Treasures".
Listen here!

10. January 2017

The Notos Quartet’s Debut CD will be released by Sony Music/RCA Red Seal!
The highly anticipated Debut CD of the Notos Quartet will be released by Sony Music’s prestigious label RCA Red Seal.

4. December 2016

1. Prize and Special Prize - International Chamber Music Competition Almere/Netherlands!
Last week the Notos Quartet won the first prize in the 15th International Chamber Music Competition “Who’s next” 2016 in Almere/Holland. The contest has the subtitle ‘classical music for a new generation’ so there was also a special prize of the Young Jury, also won by the Notos. They were the first choice among the musicians and critics of their own generation. Sixteen ensembles from several countries were admitted to the competition open to different music genres.

28. October 2016

WORLD PREMIERE: "Gravity" for piano quartet
On 28th of October 2016 the Notos Quartet will be performing "Gravity" for piano quartet, a new work by British composer and Henze student David P. Graham. Written for the Notos Quartet it is inspired by astronomical phenomena such as the only recently discovered gravitational waves that Albert Einstein had predicted 100 years ago.

5. October 2016

hr2 Kultur Broadcast
On 17th of October 2016 at 8.05 pm hr2 Kultur will be broadcasting Notos Quartet’s concert at the Traunsteiner Sommerkonzerte.

3. August 2016

Already for the fifth time the Notos Quartet wins first prize on international level!
The Notos Quartet has been awarded the 1st Prize at the „Schoenfeld International String Competition“ 2016 in Harbin /China by a jury under the chairmanship of Shlomo Mintz and Lynn Harrell.

6. July 2016

The Notos Quartet makes world premiere recording of a sensational rediscovery

After a long period of research the Notos Quartet was able to find the score of Bela Bartok’s piano quartet in c-Minor - a score considered to be missing until now.
The production of the world premiere recording of this romantic and passionate work took place in Berlin in collaboration with the Deutschland Radio Kultur (German Culture Radio) and also includes the piano quartet by Ernst von Dohnany and Zoltan Kodaly’s Intermezzo for string trio. First broadcast is set to be on the 23rd of July 2016 at 9.00 pm and will include the whole production as well as an interview of the Notos Quartet with Stefan Lang.

12. March 2016

BR-Klassik Broadcast - Dvořák, Martinů and Schumann
On 12th of March 2016 at 3.05 pm BR Klassik will be broadcasting Notos Quartet’s performance of piano quartets by Dvořák, Martinů and Schumann.

24. February 2016

The Notos Quartet wins first prize at the ONSTAGE International Classical Music Competition 2016 in the category chamber music!

9. February 2016

The Notos Chamber Music Academy aims at young instrumentalists and already existing chamber music formations. Besides individual instrumental and ensemble coaching the NCMA offers its participants the unique opportunity to play chamber music – together with members of the Notos Quartet. The next academy will take place in Worms/Germany from 17th to 23rd October 2016.
For further information please visit:

25. January 2016

SWR2 Broadcast
On 29th of January 2016 at 1.05 pm SWR2’s programme “Mittagskonzert” will be broadcasting Notos Quartet’s performance of the piano quartet no. 2 in F minor op. 2 by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

11. January 2016

Notos Quartet being featured in BR Klassik’s “On stage”
On 16th of January 2016 at 3.05 pm BR Klassik’s programme “On stage” will be broadcasting Notos Quartet’s performance of the piano quartet op. 47 by Robert Schumann.

5. January 2016

Concert in Brussels, BOZAR
On January 10th the Notos Quartet will give its debut in BOZAR in Brussels performing works by Mozart and Walton.

5. October 2015

Concert review in the Süddeutsche Zeitung
“The strongest impression left by these four players’ performance was that this kept reminding us of great archetypes like the Beaux Arts Trio or the Alban Berg Quartet without however becoming a copy of these.”
Read the whole article in German of Notos Quartet's concert in Fürstenfeldbruck.

16. September 2015

On the 20th of October at 8.03 pm the German radio station DEUTSCHLANDRADIO KULTUR will broadcast the concert of the Notos Quartet in Traunstein. The program includes piano quartets by Dvořák, Martinů and Schumann.

7. September 2015

BR KLASSIK Broadcast
On the 10th of September at 8.03 pm the German radio station BR-Klassik will broadcast the concert of the Notos Quartet in Traunstein. The program includes piano quartets by Dvořák, Martinů and Schumann.

24. July 2015

Notos Quartet gives Masterclass for Chamber Music
After 16 successful years the Notos Quartet takes over the masterclass for chamber music from the Mandelring Quartet. The next edition of the masterclass will take place in Worms between 19. and 25. October 2015. Further information is available here.

01. July 2015

World Premiere in Teatro La Fenice in Venice
On July 11th 2015 the Notos Quartet will play a concert in the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, playing works by Mozart and Martinů and giving the world premiere of Jacopo Salvatori’s new piano quartet, a piece written especially for the Notos Quartet.

10. June 2015

Piece of the Week – again!
The German broadcasting company SWR2 favored a live recording of Tubin's c sharp minor piano quartet with the Notos Quartet as a “Piece of the week” for the second time this year. It is going to be broadcasted on June 15 at 1.05 pm on SWR2 and can be downloaded at

26. January 2015

Notos Quartet plays at the Liederhalle Stuttgart
The Notos Quartet will play a concert at the Liederhalle Stuttgart on 28th of January performing works by Mozart, Suk and Dvořák.

19. January 2015

Piece of the Week
The German broadcasting company SWR2 favoured a live recording of Brahms A major piano quartet with the Notos Quartet as a “Piece of the week” in January 2015.

03. December 2014

Notos Quartet at the Instituto International de Música de Cámara de Madrid
Supported by a scholarship of Fundación Albèniz and Santander Consumer Bank AG the Notos Quartet feels honored to work together with Günter Pichler, first violinist of the legendary Alban Berg Quartet, being the first piano ensemble ever that is accepted in the degree programme for professional string quartets at the Instituto International de Música de Cámara de Madrid.

20. October 2014

SWR2 Broadcast
On the 20th of October 2014 the German radio station SWR2 will broadcast the concert of the Notos Quartet at the Bruchsaler Schlosskonzerte from September 20, 2014. The programme includes piano quartets by Guillaume Lekeu, Camille Saint-Saëns and the Trout Quintet by Franz Schubert.

24. July 2014

National Youth Ballet and Notos Quartet
In collaboration with the National Youth Ballet the Notos Quartet will perform in the famous Teatro La Fenice in Venice.

11. July 2014

Royal Northern College of Music
The Notos Quartet has been awarded the position of Waverley Junior Fellow in Chamber Music 2014/15 at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

01. July 2014

Article in Classical Voice North America
Read here about Notos Quartet’s appearance at the Osaka International Chamber Music Competition in Japan.

15. June 2014

Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival
The Notos Quartet will perform at the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival on the 2nd of August 2014.

21. May 2014

Second Prize in Osaka, Japan
The Notos Quartet wins the second prize at the Osaka International Chamber Music Competition in Japan..

29. January 2014

MS Europa 2
In April 2014 the Notos Quartet will give concerts on board the cruise ship “MS Europa 2” traveling between Singapore and Dubai.

01. December 2013

First Prize in Florence
The Notos Quartet wins the first prize at the international chamber music competition “Premio Vittorio Gui” in Florence, Italy.

14. November 2013

BBC Broadcast
The concert in Aberdeen will be broadcasted on BBC Radio 3 on the 5th of December 2013. It will be available online for 7 days after broadcast.

14. November 2013

Concert in Turin
On the 26th of November 2013 the Notos Quartet will play a concert in Torino, Italy, performing works by Schumann and Brahms.

10. October 2013

Piece of the week
The German broadcasting company SWR2 favoured a live recording of Mozart’s E flat major piano quartet with the Notos Quartet as a “Piece of the week” in August 2013.

20. September 2013

Usedomer Musikfestival
The Notos Quartet will perform at the Usedomer Musikfestival on October 4th playing piano quartets by Mendelssohn, Tubin and Brahms.

12. September 2013

Münsterland Festival
The Notos Quartet will perform at the Münsterland Festival on October 13th playing piano quartets by Saint-Saens, Fauré and Schubert’s Trout Quintet with the double bass player Wolfgang Güntner.

01. July 2013

The Icelandic Chamber Music Festival
In August 2013 the Notos Quartet will perform at the Icelandic Chamber Music Festival.

The Notos Quartet’s Debut CD
Including the world premiere recording of Béla Bartók’s piano quartet!

"Passion and piquancy"
The Guardian

"A fascinating rediscovery"
BBC Radio 3

"An emotional gold rush!"
BR Klassik

"Eine beeindruckende künstlerische Visitenkarte"

Formed in Berlin as recently as 2007, the Notos Quartet presents the world-premiere recording of a work by Béla Bartók. For years the Hungarian composer’s Piano Quartet in C minor op. 20 was believed to be lost but was rediscovered following extensive research by the members of the ensemble, who prepared the present edition on the basis of the composer’s autograph score. In addition to this world-premiere recording, Hungarian Treasures also features works by two other Hungarian composers who were friendly with Bartók: the Piano Quartet in F sharp minor by Ernst von Dohnányi (1877–1960) and the Intermezzo for string trio by Zoltán Kodály (1882–1967).

Ernst von Dohnányi:
Piano Quartet in F sharp minor
Zoltán Kodaly:
Intermezzo for String Trio
Béla Bartók:
Piano Quartet in C minor op. 20

Order now:

22.07.17 18.00

Schloss Leitheim

27.07.17 19.30

Kreuth am Tegernsee
Seeforum Rottach-Egern

29.07.17 20.00

Aula des Faust-Gymnasiums

05.08.17 - 13.08.17

Saigon Chamber Music, Masterclass with the Notos Quartett

21.08.17 20.00

Preez bei Kiel
Klosterkirche Preez

01.09.17 20.00

Schloss Ludwigsburg

03.09.17 11.00

Refektorium der Alten Abtei

07.09.17 19.30

Großer Sitzungssaal des Landratsamtes

09.09.17 19.00

Gut Hasselburg

11.09.17 20.00

NDR, Rolf-Liebermann-Studio

18.09.17 17.00

Mito Festival, Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi

19.09.17 17.00

Mito Festival, Teatro Litta

29.09.17 19.30

Usedomer Musikfestival
Evangelische Kirche, Seebad Ahlbeck

02.10.17 - 08.10.17

Notos Chamber Music Academy

07.10.17 19.00

Bad Bergzabern
Abschlusskonzert der NCMA, Haus des Gastes

08.10.17 11.00

Abschlusskonzert der NCMA, Jugendmusikschule Worms

08.10.17 17.00

Abschlusskonzert der NCMA, Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum, Florian-Waldeck-Saal

17.10.17 19.00

Aula der Alten Universität

19.10.17 20.00


21.10.17 20.00

Hüttenhaus Herdorf


Musikhaus Rudert

08.11.17 20.15


18.11.17 21.00




01.12.17 - 03.12.17

Who's next Festival

10.12.17 19.00

Teatro Giacosa Di Ivrea

11.12.17 20.00

Teatro La Fenice, Sale Apollinee

12.12.17 20.00

Teatro La Fenice, Sale Apollinee

16.12.17 20.00


10.01.18 20.00

Philharmonie, Kammermusiksaal

14.01.17 18.00

Beethoven-Haus Bonn

Der hochromantische Ton liegt den Notos-Musikern perfekt, denn Sindri Lederer (Violine), Andrea Burger (Viola), Philip Graham (Cello) und Antonia Köster (Klavier) stürzen sich leidenschaftlich in das Frühwerk des Komponisten, dessen spätere Streichquartette zum Kanon der neueren Kammermusik wurden. Verbunden mit einem Quartett des Bartók-Freundes Ernst von Dohnányi (1877-1960) und einem locker hingetanzten Allegretto vom Zeitgenossen Zoltán Kodály ergibt dies Dreier-Gebinde eine beeindruckende künstlerische Visitenkarte.

Gekonnt öffnen die Goldgräber die verstaubte Schatztruhe und bringen den verborgenen Inhalt mit feiner Präzision und viel Gefühl zum Strahlen. Das Stück ist voller funkelnd-schimmernder Energie, ein Goldrausch der Gefühle gleichzeitig. Die Spannungsbögen enden in einem Erguss aus Edelsteinen – der Mythos vom Schatz am Ende des Regenbogens wäre damit also auch bestätigt.
BR-Klassik, März 2017

Für Kammermusik-Freunde war die SonntagsMatinee der „Saarbrücker Kammerkonzerte“ in der Musikhochschule eine Sternstunde. Nicht nur das junge Notos-Klavierquartett begeisterte, auch die Werkauswahl hätte spannender kaum sein können.
Saarbrücker Zeitung, März 2017

Einfach perfekt.
Das Notos Quartett fasziniert in Freinsheim!
Ein außergewöhnlich fein ausgearbeitetes und in jeder Hinsicht perfekt vorgetragenes Kammerkonzert erfreute am Samstag in der Freinsheimer Reihe „Von-Busch-Hof konzertant“ ein stattliches und sehr aufmerksames Publikum. Auf der Bühne der großen Konzertscheune: Das Notos-Klavierquartett, vier noch recht junge Musiker, die mit erstaunlicher Konzentration, Homogenität und klanglicher Raffinesse drei in ihrem Charakter recht unterschiedliche Klavierquartette von Mozart, Walton und Brahms vortrugen. Es ist fast unheimlich, dass vier Musiker so perfekt musizieren können.
Die Rheinpfalz, Roland Happersberger, März 2017

Die Fischerhuder Hofkonzerte sind, obwohl das Publikum von ihnen Qualität in höchster Form gewohnt ist, immer noch für einer Steigerung gut. Am letzten Februar-Samstag gelang dem Verein der Musikfreunde im Rahmen ihrer JubiläumsKonzertreihe mit der Verpflichtung des mehrfach preisgekrönten Berliner Notos-Quartetts ein absoluter Glücksgriff. Andreas Burger (Viola), Sindri Lederer (Violine), Philip Graham (Violonchello) und Antonia Köster (Klavier), verführten das Publikum mit einer Darbietung romantischer Melodienbögen, die mit tänzerischen Rhythmen und leidenschaftlicher Dramatik zum Träumen einluden.
Stücke von Josef Suk (1874 bis 1935), Buhuslav Martinu (1890 bis 1959) und Antonin Dvorak (1841 bis 1904) wurden in meisterlicher Ausführung zu Gehör gebracht und verlockten das Publikum zu anhaltendem Beifall.

Rothenburg Rundschau, März 2017

Das Quartett spielte technisch perfekt, klanglich hoch differenziert, intensiv von der ersten bis zur letzten Note, ohne angestrengt zu wirken. Das Zusammenspiel ließ nichts zu wünschen übrig. Nach Pausen, wie sie bei der Mozart-Zugabe auftraten, setzte man punktgenau wieder ein. Der Zusammenklang als Ganzes war vorzüglich austariert. Das zahlreich erschienene Publikum wusste dieses Konzert durch den begeisterten Beifall hoch zu schätzen.
Mindener Tageblatt, Hans Christoph Schröter, März 2017

The Alban Berg Quartet has had the strongest influence on their development and this shows in their impeccable intonation and incisive rhythm. Their sense of balance and ensemble is exemplary and this gives their phrasing and harmonic progression a clarity which reveals every detail of the composition. Such was their unanimity of phrasing that one could not tell who was leading the ensemble – and that is how it should be; each player complementing the other and none seeking the limelight.
Brighton & Hove Independent, Raymond Greenlees, December 2016

"After awarding 1. Prize to the Notos Quartet, the jury, including famous artists like Lynn Harrell and Shlomo Mintz, underlined that in music nothing is as important as communication, between players and with the audience. This aspect was evident in a truly exemplary manner in Notos Quartet's playing."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, August 2016

Großartig! Kammermusik-Herz - was willst Du mehr?
Badisches Tagblatt, Udo Barth, November 2015

Das Spiel der vier Musiker bestach vor allem dadurch, dass sie Klangvorstellungen realisierten, die immer wieder an große Vorbilder wie beispielsweise das Beaux Arts Trio oder das Alban Berg Quartett erinnerten, ohne zu Doubletten zu werden.
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Klaus Mohr, Oktober 2015

Das Notos Quartett beherrscht auf faszinierende Art und Weise die Synchronität des Zusammenspiels. Bei einem noch so jungen Ensemble ist die technische Perfektion beachtenswert. Es gelingt ihnen, riesige musikalische Bögen zu spannen und so die Zuhörer in Staunen und Faszination zu versetzen. Das Planegger Publikum bedankte sich bei den vier virtuosen Musikern für das akustisch brillante Konzertereignis mit tosendem Applaus und Bravorufen.
Münchner Merkur, Miriam Pietrangeli-Ankermann, September 2015

This year’s festival opened with a thrilling performance of classical masterpieces from Germany’s multi-award winning Notos Piano Quartet.
The quartet too seemed to revel in their surroundings, delivering a dynamic interpretation of Beethoven’s Piano Quartet in E flat Op 16 which perfectly balanced the coruscating piano with the warm tonality of the strings. Joseph Suk’s Piano Quartet in A minor Op 1, was a revelation in the hands of Notos. They grasped the strident romanticism writ large by Suk which dances on a knife edge between classicism and modernism. From the jazzy tempestuousness of the allegro and the piano evocation of babbling brooks in the adagio to the declamatory style of the danced-infused finale this performance was a sensational tour de force. They immersed themselves in Brahms’ foreboding majesty, melting melodies and stamping rhythms with heart-stopping bravado.

The Scotsman, Susan Nickalls, July 2015

Es ist also kein Wunder, dass das junge Ensemble mit dem poetischen Namen „Notos“ bereits fraglos zur Spitzenklasse zu zählen ist. Technisch wie musikalisch blieben keine Wünsche offen… Das Faszinierendste am jungen Notos-Ensemble aber ist seine bereits ausgereifte Fähigkeit, riesige musikalische Bögen zu spannen. Und das Geheimnis seines Erfolgs könnte in der einmaligen Homogenität der Streicher liegen sowie in der Konzentration aller auf das Werk. Diese Konzentration kristallisiert sich in der Person der völlig unprätentiös auftretenden Pianistin Antonia Köster. Bei ihr laufen alle Fäden zusammen, von ihr gehen kaum sichtbare, aber hörbare Impulse aus, die alle inspirieren. Einfach großartig, mit welcher Präsenz sie blitzartig zwischen sinfonischem Duktus und kammermusikalischer Zurückhaltung hin- und herwechseln kann; und einfach zauberhaft, welch ungeheure Palette von Klangfarben ihr zur Verfügung stehen – gar nicht zu reden von ihrer technischen Brillanz, die man fast nur nebenbei wahrnimmt, weil sie diese ganz in den Dienst des Ausdrucks stellt.
So geriet der Abend zu einer Sternstunde des Kirchheimer Musiklebens.

Der Teckbote, Martin Brost, November 2014

Das Quartett - noch jung an Jahren, aber grandios in der Leistung - hatte die Zuhörer vom ersten Ton an in seinen Bann gezogen. Mit reifem Spiel, makellos sauber und höchst diszipliniert agierend verzauberte das Quartett seine Zuhörer, die das eindrucksvolle Spiel der Musiker mit gespannter Aufmerksamkeit und zutiefst beeindruckt verfolgten. Das Publikum war begeistert und stoppte seinen tosenden Beifall erst nach einer Zugabe.
Stuttgarter Zeitung, Helmut Schwarz, September 2014

Notos’ perfectly blended, unified sound brought to mind the experience of a fine old burgundy – rich, warm, elegantly refined, glowing with an inner spirit that resulted in some of the finest chamber music performances I have heard anywhere.
Classical Voice North America, Robert Markow, Juni 2014

Virtuose Brillanz, technisches Perfektion, ein reifes Werksverständis sowie eine bewundernswerte Schönheit des Klangs sind die Markenzeichen dieses jungen Ensembles, das einer großen Zukunft entgegenblickt. … Das Notosquartett hat seinen ganz eigenen Stil gefunden. Ein Stil, der jedoch nie Selbstzweck ist, sondern dem der Respekt vor dem jeweiligen Werk und seinem Schöpfer ein aufrichtiges und hörbares Anliegen ist.
Südwest Presse, Alfred Thiele, Oktober 2013

Das Klangbild des Notos Quartetts ist das eines reifen Ensembles, das alles Prätentiöse, alles Krachende, alles "Schaut mal her" vermeidet. Das durch Genauigkeit, Synchronizität, Perfektion im technischen Sinne besticht und das darüber hinaus überzeugt in Bezug auf die Beseeltheit des Spiels, die Noblesse des akustischen Ereignisses.
Siegener Zeitung, aww, Oktober 2013

Mal sanft, mal stürmisch soll der Südwind "Notos" sein, der ihnen den Namen gegeben hat. Damit sind aber nur die Extreme bezeichnet. Die Notos-Adepten beherrschen auch alles dazwischen, und sie setzen es höchst intelligent und wohldosiert ein.
Schwarzwälder-Bote, Friedrich Dold, Januar 2013

Klassisch ausgewogen und stürmisch bewegt: In diesem Sinne begeisterte das Notos-Quartett am Montagabend in der gut besuchten Stadthalle mit technischer Virtuosität, jugendlichem Feuer und einer brillanten Klangdifferenzierung.
Holsteinischer Courier, Elisa Meyer-Bohe, Januar 2013

Dynamism is clearly key to this ensemble.
The Strad, Edward Bhesania, Dezember 2012

This was a performance which demonstrated the great rapport between the players and made them (and the audience) smile with the enjoyment of making such wonderful music. The final note was greeted with a chorus of bravos from the packed audience who had heard an outstanding performance, even by Richmond Concert Society's high standards.
artsrichmond, Pam Frazer, Oktober 2012

Glanzvoll - Der Klang der Streichergruppe war absolut homogen, und die Tonbalance zwischen ihr und dem von Antonia Köster mit schier beglückender Musikalität gestalteten Klavierpart geriet durchweg perfekt. Schließlich die Zugabe, ein Eriegnis für sich: der himmlisch schöne langsame Satz aus Schumanns Klavierquartett in ganz außergewöhnlich beredter, beseelter, poetischer Wiedergabe.
Rheinpfalz, Gabor Halasz, April 2012

Bei Dvoraks Klavierquartett op. 87 zeigt sich vollendet die perfekte kammermusikalische Abstimmung und der bemerkenswert reife Gesamtklang des mit zahlreichen Preisen ausgezeichneten Ensembles. Geschmackvoll und transparent lassen die Interpreten ihre kurzen Motive durch den Raum wirbeln, stürmisch steigern sie das spannungsgeladene Finale zu einem effektvollen Schluss - vielfältig wie sein Namensgeber berührt das Notos Quartett das mitgerissene Publikum.
Mannheimer Morgen, mewi, April 2012

One thing is not in doubt, that the Notos Piano Quartet is already at the top of its particular tree, a group of notable musicians.
Each member of the Notos Piano Quartet is a musical poet, Colin Anderson, Februar 2012

Perfekt ausbalanciertes Zusammenspiel - Das Notos-Quartett musizierte mit sprudelnder Lebendigkeit und voller rhythmischer Verve, im nocturnenartigen Andante mit feinen duftigen Farbwerten, und produzierte im Finale eine geradezu orchestrale Klangfülle. Begeisterter Applaus.
Die Rheinpfalz, März 2011

Brillant: Notos Quartett - Schon in den ersten Takten von Mozarts Es-Dur-Quartett bezauberten das herrliche Zusammenspiel und die Frische des Ensembles sowie die ausgezeichnete Durchgestaltung der Werke.
Schwäbische Zeitung, Wolfgang Lohmiller, März 2011


2.- 8. OCTOBER 2017

The Notos Chamber Music Academy aims at young instrumentalists and already existing chamber music formations. Besides individual instrumental and ensemble coaching the NCMA offers its participants the unique opportunity to play chamber music – together with members of the Notos Quartet. During the course an emphasis lies on rehearsing a concert programme that will be performed in three concerts in different venues of the area. The vibrant atmosphere that students and teachers create together rehearsing and making music provides a truly exceptional chamber music experience.

Application deadline: 1. August 2017

For more information please visit:


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